Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Solving the Puzzle

I was having a rough time on some projects today for work. Some "issues" surfaced and I need to do some research in order to determine the best course of action to take as resolution.

It was stressing me out a little.

I took this picture of Snickers and found some similarities between the two of us.....besides being old.

We put treats in the dog toys to keep Snickers and Ruby entertained and mentally sharp. I watched him working on this toy with stern determination to get the treat out. Nothing was going to stop him from getting the reward inside. Sometimes you just have to attack the task at hand repeatedly using a variety of methods until you get the job done.

Snickers and I have the same drive to get the job done....whatever it takes.

I resolved my work issues. I like a challenge.

Game On.


Christi said...

Good luck with your challenges!

Anonymous said...

Snickers is very wise.