Saturday, April 01, 2006

Winds of Change

Yes it's windy in Cleveland. Every spring the change of the seasons brings warm weather but also strong winds. I was determined to ride outside for my morning brick. Two hours was all I needed. The morning temperature was 50 degrees, but there was that stiff wind coming from the west. My neighbors flag was flying straight out. The ride still needed to be done and I didn't want to do it indoors.

I am a strong proponent of training in all weather and conditions. You never know what will happen on race day. Two years ago my wife and I started a long ride WHILE it was raining. Who starts riding when it's already raining, those that are preparing for their first Half IM. It turned out to be the best ride of the summer.

Back to today. I picked a route that would have me riding primarily south. To get to my southerly road I had to head west, directly into the teeth of the wind. I manage to spin through it knowing that on my return trip the wind will be at my back. Heading south I started to feel the wind from the side. I enjoy the wind. Today the wind is my training partner.

Heading into the wind I remember to keep the cadance high and not burn out my legs. The sudden, unexpected gusts of wind from the sides help improve my bike handling as I have to adjust my position as the wind tries to push me into the middle of the road.

I road 34 miles today for my two hour ride. Then I did a 30 minute run to complete the brick. It was a good training session.

The rest of the weekend is all about Aimee. We have traveled to southern Ohio for the Athens Half Marathon. We love coming down to Athens and walk about the campus of OU. We also visited with my son Andrew. Sunday morning is the half marathon. I will see her start and then ride my road bike to the turn-around point to see her make the return trip. I should be able to make it back before she finishes. I'm excited to go out on the course and see her run.

For Aimee, tomorrow it's Game On.


TriSaraTops said...

Great ride in that wind!!! Felt like I was going up the down staircase in the wind on Friday. Good practice, I guess! :) Have fun in Athens and hope Aimee rocks the course!!!

nancytoby said...

Ahh, yes - I learned that you're supposed to say "Thank you, Madame Pele" any time there are weather conditions that others might consider adverse.

"Thank you, Madame Pele, for sending me wind gusts which help strengthen my legs and my fortitude."

BuckeyeRunner said...

Good luck to Aimee! Hope it was a great race.

And nice bike ride!

p.s. My husband Eric is always looking for cyclists out here on the westside to bike with - he often bikes to far for me, but if you're ever interested in a biking pardner, and your wife isn't available, my husband is always interested. We are thinking of doing buzzard, so maybe we'll see you there!