Monday, April 03, 2006

Bear with me......

this may be a big post. I'm usually not about big my little post and move on to the next blog you want to read.

This past weekend Aimee and I went to Athens, OH for her spring half marathon. She had been training hard for this race and it all came together on race day. Perfect weather and her body was ready for action. I rode parts of the course and was able to take pictures during the race. At the end she finished with a 1:49:52. She had been struggling with breaking 1:50 and she did it and I am very proud of her.

Thanks goes to my massage therapists husband Rob for running with her for the first half of the race. It helped her stay focused and on pace.

When we got home that evening I went for a run to stretch the legs and it was also part of my workout schedule. I kept it easy since I pushed it on Saturday and things were tender. I ran a nice 9:00/mile pace and did 5.6 miles. That is the marathon pace I want for IM USA so I'm happy I can at least run that pace without pain. Things will come around, I just have to be patient. I have to keep reminding myself of that. My coach isn't worried because she knows I am a strong runner and will ramp up quickly.

My Monday morning swim was 4200 yards with 3 x 1000 yards decending in speed. Final 1000 was race pace. My 1000 splits were 16:56 - 16:15 - 15:30. I think 16:30 will be more of a race pace, I felt like I could have held that for a long time. I had set my watch alarm for 4:50AM since Aimee was going to be sleeping in. I was a little puzzled when her alarm went off before my watch. I thought I had slept through it, however I quickly realized that I had forgotten to set the watch ahead one hour. It was 5:45 now. I did a quick mental calculation and decided I could still do the workout and get to my customer at a decent time. It really didn't matter when I got to my customer anyways.

When I arrived at the Y there was only one person in the pool. When I hit the pool deck the water was calm. No one in the pool. I asked George the guard if it was light today and he said I was the fourth person in the pool. I had the pool to myself for about 5 minutes. That's when Marge got in the pool. I doubt that her name is Marge but she sure is large, so large she's like a barge. Now I usually don't make fun of people like that and I'm happy that she's even in the pool and being active. BUT IT SURE PISSES ME OFF WHEN I AM IN THE MIDDLE OF MY 3RD 1000 GOING AT RACE PACE AND SHE WALKS RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME TO TALK TO A FRIEND!

I was approaching the wall and I notice her right in front of me talking to the lady that was swimming next to me. I pulled up short 2-3 yards and simply turned around to continue swimming. I thought of what I could have done, plow into her or just stand there and yell "Excuse me!!" I did neither. I brushed it off. Why burn precious energy being mad. That is the type of attitude that will see me through Ironman. But boy was I pissed.

I don't have a swim workout for Tuesday so I will be able to miss the masses in the water.

Finally, I have to share a picture of our team uniforms for 2006. In case you haven't visited my teams website, Snakebite Racing, this is what we will be wearing. These turned out so much cooler than we first thought. So I am going to pass on the Team Tri-Geek Dreams apparel because I have cool stuff of my own. If you are able to wear custom clothing like this please do so. The Cleveland Tri Club has cool stuff as well. Wearing a uniform makes you feel good about yourself and people will cheer for you even more by shouting out your team/club name.

Everyone go out there a get your Game On. Two for Tuesday tomorrow.


qcmier said...

Sweet kit. I'm jealous. I am going to get a boring out of the box navy blue uni again.

Bolder said...

me2... i've got team kit envy.

you look good dude! in a non-broke back mountain kinda way.

Cliff said...

Congrats on your wife getting a PR. Bold is so funny :).

I would have pissed off too. I hate it when ppl in the fast lane stop half way and walk to the end. Just throw my focus right off.

trifrog said...

Tough swim crowd... try the cannonballers at Bally's sometime, talk about learning to focus...

Congrats to Aimee on a well-earned and well-deserved PR!

Amazing what you can do with digital photography. Who's skinny body did you use to model the uni? ;)

TriSaraTops said...

Crackin' me up!!! Tell Aimee CONGRATS on the HIM! That's awesome!!! Great job on the swim...sorry to hear about Large Marge the Barge. :)

E-Speed said...

great job Aimee!

I would have flip turned off of her belly ;)