Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Two for Tuesday - Training Gear

Swim Gear - Goggles

When I first started swimming for triathlon I was terrible. Aimee and I would go to the pool and I could barely swim a length without being out of breath. Part of what I felt was my problem was the goggles I was using. The standard small eye socket with the foam gaskets. I never felt comfortable. Then I bought the Aqua-Sphere Seal Mask. They were comfortable and allowed me to have a wide range of vision. I felt better in the water immediately. Since then I have progressed to even smaller racing goggles like the Tyr Socket Rockets.

I would highly recommend the Seal Mask for newbies or anyone else that needs more vision in the water or comfort around the eyes.

Bike Gear - Toe Warmers

I know the weather is getting nicer but there are still some cool days ahead of us, especially in the northern states. So I have broken out the toe warmers to place under my toe booties when I ride in the morning. My toes always get cold and I need the extra warmth, especially since my tri and road shoes are well vented with mesh.

Thank-you Madam Pele for the winds today while running. You breath kept me cool and challenged me to keep moving forward during my run.


Bolder said...

i think i have a narrow face. i'm lousy finding good comfortable goggles.

plus, i need to find a good swim store here that can do a 'goggle' fit.

Papa Louie said...

The nice thing about the seal mask is that it fits around your forehead and cheek bones rather than how socket googles fit into the eye socket. To me the eye sockets put more pressure around the eye socket.

Cliff said...

Toe warmers great idea. I will pick those up if i have a chance.

BuckeyeRunner said...

Goggles - I'm old school. Red Swedish goggles. Always had em, always will.