Friday, April 07, 2006

Family & Friends Friday - Father-In-Law

Oh yes father-in-laws. I've never had problems with f-i-l's. Always managed to get along with Tom and we share some common interests. We can talk computer systems with interest and he has even started cycling and running to keep healthy. I try to provide good input whenever he asks.

Last year he lost his wife to liver disease. It was a rough time for everyone since Susan was only 54 years old. It was hard seeing her in ICU as her body started to shutdown. Tom was good through it all and was by her side everyday hoping for the best. I visited with him whenever I could to provide support.

One of Tom's hobbies is photography. He went with us to Utah for Aimee's first marathon and took some pictures. He will be going to Lake Placid as part of Team IM Eric. I'm hoping that he will get some good photos of me during the race.

More about the freak of a sister-in-law to the left of Tom next week, Aimee is on the right.

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