Thursday, May 22, 2008

Am I Ready to Rumble?

My taper this week has been a good one. I swam on Tuesday and cut it short. I had 6 x 300 intervals alternating easy/hard by 100. After 4 I stopped because I was pushing too hard in order to maintain the hard efforts. Wednesday I ran and it was a good indicator of how the taper was going. I had a 15 minute warmup before five 20 second sprints. I ran two miles as warmup and I still wasn't in Zone 2. The sprints were great and I cooled down on the way home.

Today I rode my bike on the trainer for one hour. It's a little cold here and I didn't want to push the pace too hard if I went outside. Tomorrow we leave for Colorado. The weather is looking to be great for the weekend. Two more easy runs and a some cycling before the race and I will be ready to go.

So far only two people have posted estimates for the Bolder Boudler 10k. I have them posted above. I will add more estimates as they come in.

Next report will be from Colorado.

Game On.

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