Friday, May 16, 2008

Crap......'s been a week since I have posted and I really owe some training updates.

Last weekend I had a great ride. I rode the same route Jeff and I did but added some extra miles. I finished the brick with 72 miles on the bike with an average speed of 19.8 MPH. I really like going out and exploring roads on my bike that I pass by in the car. I had perfect nutrition as I tried Hammer Perpetuem for the first time. The calories and electrolyte blend really made a difference from the week prior when I used only gatorade without carbo-pro.

The run portion of last weekends brick was a 30 minute run. I was all fired up and completed by 4 mile route in 28:34. I couldn't believe that I could burn out a 7:08 / mile pace after my ride.

Undoubtedly it was my best brick so far this season.

Sunday's run last weekend was not as good. Between a full tiring day on Saturday and the wet weather on Sunday. We decided to run on the treadmill instead of risking getting sick outside. I only made it one hour of my planned two hour run. My heart rate wasn't getting into my zones and I could tell the legs were still tired.

I spent the past week in Los Angeles for work. I took my swimsuit and running shoes for workouts during the week. I had two spectacular workouts this week. One on the treadmill and one in the pool.

The t-mill workout involved short, fast bursts. Here are the details of the workout:

Run 45 min
After 15 min warm up
10 x 20 sec hard - faster 5K pace - sprints- 10 sec rest
10 min steady Low Zone 2
then 10 x 20 sec sprints/10 sec again
cool down 10 min easy jog

Coach and I are using these short intense sessions as speed and strength work. We have found that my body responds a little bit better to these types of workouts instead of larger repeats like 800 or 1600 repeats. It seemed to help at Columbus Half Marathon.

This was the first time I had done the workout on a treadmill so I was able to control the pace. On the road I ran what felt like faster than 5k pace, essentially run hard. but on the treadmill I set the speed of the belt at a 5:46 / mile pace. I was happy with the speed and being able to complete the entire workout. It was hard and I sweated my brains out.

My pool workout for the week also involved some intensity....

5 x 100 at race pace
500 straight at race pace
5 x 100 at faster than race pace

I hit each of these on the money. I classify my race pace at 1:30 / 100. The 500 straight was completed in 7:22, faster than 1:30. I finished the fast 5 x 100's with an average of 1:25's.

Despite the travel, jet lag, and full days of work I had two great workouts this week.

I'm feeling strong and am getting excited about the Bolder Boulder 10k on Memorial Day. Don't forget to post a finishing time for me. So far JT is the only one to post an estimate. Race t-shirts are on the line here and we can't just give it away to JT by default.

I'll be trying to post each day from now to the 10k so you have some information to go with for your times.

Game On.

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Iron Eric said...

Pretty darn nice brick!!! I am taking notes.