Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Two for Tuesday - Bike Routes

A picture, or map, is worth a thousand words. Jeff and I hit the road on Sunday for our long ride. We went through two counties not really knowing where we were going. I had a general idea, knew major street names, kept my bearings. It turned out to be a beautiful ride. My "loop" put us over by 20 minutes but it was a good 60 miles. The elevation chart is the shocker. I don' t know where that peak came from. I don't remember any steep climbs. Of course that incline is over the course of 2+miles.

Elevation (ft)
This second map is a route that Aimee made the prior weekend. She was hoping for an out and back but got to the turn around point much faster than expected. So she had to improvise.....several times. This map is awesome because it shows what she had to do in order to get the time in.

Two great rides and deposits in the training bank.

Game On.

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