Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bolder Boulder Finish Estimates

Here are the estimates for my 10k finish time. Where is yours?
Times must be submitted by Midnight EST.

JTTriGuy 42:34
Bolder 40:04
Mommymeepa 39:39
TriSaraTops 39:11
JenC 38:59
Mr. Buckeye Runner 38:49
IronEric 37:37


TriSaraTops said...'s mine!


Go get 'em!


Bolder said...


JenC said...

Is this Price is Right rules? I'll bid 15 minutes. Just kidding! Okay, seriously, I'll go with 38:59.

Iron Eric said...

37:37 sounds good. We'll see

triguyjt said...

As god is my witness, I am posting this at 11:40pm at work right after the coca cola 600..

I want to revise my prediction...
40:33..thats my story and I'm sticking to it..
Good Luck Eric!!!!!!!

Anonymous said... i win ;)