Saturday, May 24, 2008

Denver Rocks

Being from Cleveland I am supposed to say that "Cleveland Rocks, Cleveland Rocks" but this weekend I just can't deny the beauty of Denver. Marc and Gloria have been fantastic hosts as they have shown us some great sights around Denver, Golden, and Red Rock Park. I was feeling a little iffy the first day but some food and rest quickly brought me back to form this morning as we ran a quick 30 minutes and rode the bikes through the Cherry Creek bike path.

They suggested hiking one of the fourteeners and mountin biking Apache Canyon but we saved those attractions for another visit.

Tomorrow we are off to Boulder to begin final preparations for the Bolder Boulder 10k.

Thanks to those that have submitted guesses. Keep 'em comin and I will post the predictions. Unlike the Price is Right rules JenC mentioned the winner will be the one closest to my time, period.

Game On.

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