Monday, January 02, 2012

The 2012 Racing Schedule

Because of my knee surgery last year my racing was rather limited. I only did one triathlon and it was a sprint. I did manage two aquabike events, sprint and half. Then my running really kicked in during the fall. You can find my race reports at the following links:
CVNP Fall Running Series #1
CVNP Fall Running Series #2
CVNP Fall Running Series #3
CVNP Fall Running Series #4
North Ridgeville Turkey Trot
Nakon Turkey Trot
Salt Fork 10 Mile Trail Run

Wow...I did a lot of running up to Salt Fork. Since then I have not done very much. And I have a trail run in two weeks to get ready for.

The 8th Annual Winter Run for Regis Trail Fun Run will be a training day for sure. Slow and steady, have some fun, enjoy the outdoors.

Looking forward to the new year I do have a tentative schedule. And there is a major benefactor to my 2012 insanity.....Girls With Sole (GWS). Please visit the site to understand what they do. That's okay....I'll wait right here for you.

Isn't the organization awesome?!?!?! The founder Liz is a dear friend of mine. I am not able to help with her programming but I can certainly help raise money for her organization. So I am devoting the entire year towards GWS.

Each of the events listed below will be fund raisers. The beauty is that people can decide which event they want to donate against. Maybe January or February is a bad time to donate, but July is a good time of the year. People can make a choice.

I will also be encouraging people to donate "differently". I don't want to see the standard amounts. I want to see dollars per minute, yard, meter, mile, etc.

I'll post more details as each event comes up.

On with the insanity schedule.

Run for Regis: Entry is confirmed and quite a few of my trail chicks will be there.

Cleveland Tri Club Big Swim. This will be the 3rd year in a row of going long. 8,000 yards in year 1 and 10k yards last year. Going for 10k again.


At the end of the month I will be turning 45. I have also been rowing at my crossfit gym Coca Crossfit. I will row 45,000 meters. This should take me about 4 - 5 hours.

Nothing scheduled yet.

Athens Half Marathon/Training Weekend

Tough Mudder Ohio. I have formed a Tough Mudder team as we attack the course mid-April when I'm sure the water will still be on the chilly side.

I am making a return to the Ohio Triple T. I still need to signup.

National 24 Hour Challenge. 24 hours of bike riding.

Unknown. My son is getting married this month so I may need to lay low.

I have something in mind. Have to see I can make it happen.

The Rev3 "Revolution". This is a sprint tri on Saturday and a the HalfRev on Sunday. Think DoubleMussel...which I've done before.

GORUCK Challenge. You just have to read about it.

Bobcat Trail Marathon. Aimee wants to do this one. I can't pass it up.

Like I said there will be updates and additional information as I get closer to the different events.

One last thing. I bought myself a nice dSLR camera for Christmas. The Nikon D5100 fits my shooting style perfectly. It also has some features I really like. Instead of a 365 Photo project I will try to post original pictures every day.

Today's picture is of the box my mom gave us before Christmas. She makes a batch of treats for the holidays. Chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate from molds, Hershey Kisses, cookies, etc.

I love Aimee very much and I felt that I needed to sacrifice myself so I could save her from the evil treats in the box.

It's the just the type of guy I am.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

I will see you at Rev3!!

They anothered the Athens tri is back yesterday as well, I dunno if I will do it again, a tad hilly for me

Christi said...

What a great cause! I will do what I can to support you in the coming year!

Love the box of treats!

Janet Edwards said...

Woohoo I am super excited you are returning to TTT. Plus I will get to see you at Swim Challenge, Run for Regis, REV 3 and lots of other times for sure!!!!