Monday, January 09, 2012

Digital Photography

For Christmas I got myself a new camera.  The Nikon D5100 was my one and only choice.  I'm so glad I got it.  It allows me to do so many different things.  I've enjoyed learning about the basics of photography playing with my new toy.

I have been reading a lot from the website Digital Photography School.  It has really helped open up my thought process about what to take pictures of and how to use the equipment. 

Here are some of the latest "tinkerings" with zoom blur.

My desk

My computer I need to tell you that.

This is Ruby on our bed.  

All of these pictures are raw from the camera.  I have not done any post processing with programs like Photoshop. 

Pretty cool huh?


Christi said...

Very cool!

Janet Edwards said...

Super cool. I just love great photos. My goal for 2012 is to take lots more pictures and I would just love to showcase for all just how gorgeous Ohio is!