Thursday, January 19, 2012

Crazy Eric

This morning I woke up and was trying to decide what to do.  I hadn't been to Crossfit for a while, but I also hadn't run since the weekend. 

The wind was blowing on an already cold morning.  Maybe a run wouldn't be such a good idea...there I go wussing out again.

So I opted for a Crossfit workout instead.  Kate has open gym 7 - 8 in the morning.  We can come in and do the daily WOD, work on miscellaneous skills, movements, flexibility or just shoot the shit.

I decided I would get my running in AND a good Crossfit workout.  After some warmup exercises and 3000m of rowing I setup my workout station.  The only piece of equipment I needed was an Abmat (something used for sit-ups).

I put my WOD on the white board and set the timer.

10 pull-ups
Shuttle run
10 push-ups
Shuttle run
10 toes to bar
Shuttle run
10 sit-ups
Shuttle run
10 Burpees
Shuttle run

Repeat for a total of 5 rounds

The Shuttle run is just like you did in elementary, middle and high school.  I ran back and forth to five different spots on the gym floor. 

The Toes to Bar....well...

So anyways....the worst part of this workout was the unknown.  I just put it together because it got me running and most of the other exercises were upper body.

The second worst part was running after the burpees.  Jumping up and down then the shuttle run was killer on the quads. 

I just plugged away at the rounds.  I was really doubting my sanity during the fourth round and thought about cutting it short.  But I wrote 5 on the white board so I re-committed myself to completing the WOD as I wrote it.

The fifth round was starting to get into my gut.  My brain was going fuzzy and I was happy that I didn't have any food in my stomach.  I was either going to finish the final shuttle run strong or puking.

I was pretty close to doing both.  I sprinted across the finish line and immediately bent over against the wall trying to get my breath back. 

Finish time was 36:33. I felt like I just set a PR in a 5k.

Kate was cheering and encouraging me on the entire way and it was great hearing her voice in the background.

As I was collecting myself I could hear Kate introducing everyone to a new member.  All I heard was, "That's Crazy Eric down there.  He's an Ironman."

Guess I have a new nickname at the gym.  Just a part of the Crossfit community that I really like at Coca.

Crazy Game On

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