Wednesday, January 04, 2012

I need to run.....outside.

What has happened to me where I have become Wimpy Wimpy Wimpy about running outside.  The weather hasn't been too bad and I have done some running outside.  But my running in general has been almost non-existent.  So when I looked outside today at the cold with the wind driving the chill into the single digits I turned around and said "forget about it".

Our three planters with herbs are still growing but the cold is starting to take over.

So I would say these plants are Heftier than I am.

I've been trying to make up for it with crossfit and rowing. 

Todays WOD:

After warmup we had ten minutes to reach our max in the Deadlift.  I managed 255lbs tonight.

The workout was, using 175 lbs on the bar:
10 deadlifts
250 meters rowing
10 deadlifts
500 meters rowing
10 deadlifts
1000 meters rowing

I focused on form over speed on the deadlifts.  I was really happy with my 1000 meter row time...just under 4 minutes. 


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Done here is suppose to be in the 50's over the weekend, maybe you will get the same

Christi said...

I need to run.... period!

Janet Edwards said...

Well thank goodness for Crossfit!

Seriously sack up Sally and get running!!! ;-)