Monday, May 22, 2006


I feel a little bit better now. A little stressed out right now, and I rarely get stressed. Quick recap as I sit on hold.

Wednesday: Drive to customer in Columbus, work, Drive home.
Thursday: Drive to customer in Erie, PA, meeting, drive home.
Friday: Drive to customer in Akron, 5:00AM start time, office, home, tired......zzzzzzzzz
Saturday: Try to recover and do chores around the house, include clean tri bike.
Sunday: Powerman Ohio Du, leave house at 5:00AM, drive 1.25 hour, race, drive home....tired...zzzzzzz
Monday: Have travel day from hell going from Cleveland to Sault Sainte Marie, MI.

Only consolation is that last week was easy because of Powerman and now I'm semi-resting while in the UP for work. I did have a good day at Powerman. Still waiting for official results to be posted.

The biggest problem is that I don't have my luggage. I bought some stuff all Wal-Mart to tide me over but it's been a crappy day.

I feel like I've already been through Ironman. I've had to keep my emotions in check, not reveal myself and take it as it may all day. It's been a mental IM training day.


E-Speed said...

No luggage and in the UP... I'm sorry! I hope that it is at least gorgeous. Most everywhere I have visited in the UP is absolutely beautiful. As long as you don't mind the lack of people and the cold!

TriSaraTops said...

Holy insane schedule! Hope you get a few moments to breathe....ahhhhh....excited to hear your race report! But first stop driving. :)

Curly Su said...

ack-----not having luggage stinks...feeling for you!