Monday, May 15, 2006

Two for Tuesday - Sunglasses and Tires

I had five hours on the bike this past weekend. That's alot of time to think of ideas for the blog. Problem is that by the time I finish the ride I'll be lucky if I remember two of them. So here are two that I remember.

Check Your Tires
Before I left for my ride I checked the surface of my tires. The front had some cracks, thanks to a bad habit of pumping them up to the max. I also found a sliver of glass in the tire. Fortunately my road and tri bike both have 700 wheels. so I switched out the front wheel and I was ready to go.

So check those tires before rides so you don't have problems during.

Eye protection/sunglasses
I always wear sunglasses when I ride. I have contacts so I want to avoid getting dirt, road spray or bugs in my eyes. I wear Rudy Project Ekynox SX with three different lenses; metallic blue, grey and yellow. I put the yellow lenses in for Sunday's ride because it was very overcast. The yellow lenses help intensify the surrounding light and provides a better view of your surroundings while still protecting your eyes. Rudy Project glasses can be expensive but I've had these going on three years. I also check Performance Bike for their glasses, they work pretty nice and also have clear lenses.

Keeping these two tips in mind will help make your riding more enjoyable so you can get your Game On.


E-Speed said...

I am in the habit of losing or breaking all expensive glasses I own. But man my cheap sunglasses just did not cut it on the bike this weekend. My contact shredded my right eye, ouch!

I need to find the $10 equivalent to your Project glasses!

Cliff said...

I have a pair of cheapy sunglasses with two lens. One is a blue one for sunny days and one is a yellow one for those overcast days. Never ride or run without them

Bolder said...

what do you mean by overcast?

i don't understand the concept.

got yellow lenses, never found a chance to use them.

Lana said...

Hey! Awesome blog. I found you through Trisaratops.

I bought some Rudy's back in February, and I LOVE THEM! I have the Rudy Girl Rydon SX. They only came with bichromic pink lenses, but I want to get some clear lenses as well. I could have used them tonight when I was riding at dusk.