Monday, May 08, 2006

Holy Schmoly......

have I really not posted since last Wednesday? Sure as shit in the woods came from a bear. It's been hard to balance the Trilogy lately and find any time to post on the blog. I want to put up something worthwhile and meaningful but I can't sit still long enough to do that. I have missed two weekend recaps so I will summarize my summary with two words(or letters)............................F' in A.

Training has been treating me well. Weekend rides are between 4 and 4.5 hours usually lasting 70-75 miles. Runs after the rides have been surprisingly fresh. Long runs on Sunday have been postitive.

Last week was a recovery week. Lighter on the intensity so my body could absorb the training.

Saturday was a 4:45 brick which resulted in 71 miles on the bike and 6 miles running. Kick ass part was that I did the 6 miles in 45 minutes, and this was after the freakin' ride. I was pumped.

Sunday was even better. For those the understand the word Hinkley will understand what I'm talking about. Hinkley is the best hilly running routes in the area. The roads around the Cleveland Metropark provide 6, 8 and 10 mile loops. I started with the 6 mile loop expecting to do two loops for my 2 hour run. I was back at the parking lot in a perfect 48 minutes. where the hell did I pull 8 minute/mile from? So after a quick P2, I went back out on the 8 mile loop to see what I could do. I was feeling great. I made it back to the parking lot in 63 minutes.

Now I will say that each uphill has a downhill that improves your pace but damn I was moving and still feeling good. I still had 10 minutes to kill of my two hour run. So I head back out on the 6 mile loop to do one mile out and back. Damn, I kept getting faster, 15:22!!!!!!

All said and done 16 miles, 2 hours 6 minutes, 7:55 pace.

I"ve decided that I must pay homage to Master Placid, the patriarch of the IM USA bike/run course. I've been paying homage to Madame Pele but I'm not going to Kona, so Master P gets my thanks for providing me with the strength and speed to kick ass on the hills of Hinkley.

Enough rambling tonight. Two for Tuesday will probably be a late post tomorrow due to working out of town.

I'm feeling good, time for you to get your game on.

check out my countdown clock. IM USA is just over the next couple of rises.


qcmier said...

Whoa, great workouts!!! You are kicking butt and taking names.

BuckeyeRunner said...

Wow, great workouts!! Way to train, Eric!