Thursday, May 11, 2006

Double Duty

I've been doing double workouts since the beginning of the year. So what difference does it make today that I mention that. Because I have to pay homage to Mistress Mirror and Master Placid.

Thank-you mistress for a good swim this morning. I felt strong and fluid as I swam next to TriSaraTops. My confidence is continuing to build as I approach IM USA. If you had told me three years ago that I would be swimming 4000 yard workouts with thinking twice I would have said, "Yuz crazy Alfalfa".

Thank-you Master P for the strength to perform my evening hill repeats with power and stamina. I know the hills will improve my running for the Lake Placid course.

Have you thanked the patriarchs/matriarchs of your triathlon course?

1 comment:

qcmier said...

I certainly agree with you. I've been getting in 5k swims without thinking twice. Just think how those Thursday night swims felt a few years ago.