Friday, May 12, 2006

Family and Friends Friday - Mother-in-Law

Some people paint an ugly picture when it comes to Mother-in-laws. I've never had any problems. I'm on my second one and still no problems. Sure they have their little quirks but doesn't everyone. Aimee's mom is no different than any other person and is a damn wonderful person.

Liz is the aquatics director at a local city's rec center. She has been teaching swim lessons, arthritis classes, water aerobics, life guarding, etc....for as long as I've known her. She knows what a crappy swimmer I started out as but has commented on how good I look when I swim.

Liz and her boyfriend Joe have been able to travel around the world and recently visited New Zealand where they hiked and went bungie jumping. We have been fortunate enough to join them on vacation and always have a great time. This picture was from the jeep tour of Aruba two years ago.

Liz and Joe will be at Lake Placid watching me put my body through the wringer.

Happy Mother's Day for all the lovely ladies out there. Tell the kids all you want for Mother's Day is a four hour block of time so you can ride your bike and train.

Enjoy getting your Game On.


Fe-lady said...

Oh yeah!...I always said the best Mother's Day present was a day to myself without my kid...horrible mom, aren't I??? :-)
(The breakfast in bed thing is just plain WRONG...they bring you breakfast and then leave you to eat alone! Downright depressing!)
P.S. You have a Cool M.I.L.!

Eric said...

Mental note. The initials of M.I.L. should be used carefully, since adding the letter F. changes the whole meaning. ; )

21st Century Mom said...

I'm still on my first MIL and I got a divorce from her son 13 years ago.