Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Two for Tuesday - Reflections

Today I take some time to reflect. I don't get retrospective very often so bear with me.

Ironman Travel Day

So yesterday was a travel day that sucked donkey balls. Cleveland to Detroit. Late leaving Cleveland, late getting off plane, miss connection by 15 minutes. The damn plane was still sitting at the gate but my seat was already awarded to someone else. The next flight wasn't until 10:14PM. It was noon when I missed my flight. Sitting on the plane feeling like I was going to miss the connector I was calm about it. Take the day as it comes. Why stress too much., that was until I was told that I may have to wait 10 hours before actually flying to my destination, which also required a 1.5 hour drive further north (my final destination was Sault Saint Marie, MI).

I called my travel agent and he helped get me on an earlier flight but a different airport. So luggage was a mystery as to where or when I would have it.

I'm not used to travel problems. I have been fortunate to have very few troubles when traveling. I finally got my luggage the next day, delivered to my hotel, whew.

So I get on a flight to northern Michigan, one of those turbo prop planes that seats 30. It was a bumpy ride. My stomach got a little quezzy. I have never had problems while flying.

Then my mind started to think about Ironman. I'm reading the book "Becoming an Ironman". The stories are incredible. Ranging from first timers, to DNFers, to the fast. I thought about my day. The emotions I endured. Keeping my emotions in check. Feeling my stomach turn over. If I can endure this day of travel I can endure Ironman. Bring it on.

I Don't Think Much
When I started this blogging thing I thought I would be able to release my inner writer. I always have random thoughts going through my mind but usually can't get them down. I bop from thought to thought. Even writing a blog post takes me too long because I get distracted.

But I've been finding it to my advantage lately. As my training bears down on IM USA I have a wierd calm around me. Confidence is high. The body is responding well to the training. I'm preparing every day in one way or another.

I read the posts from IronWil and TriSaraTops about their training and how they are dealing with the long training days. The mental trial and tribulations. Reaching their limits and pushing beyond to find new corners of their personae. I think it's the teacher in them that allows them to write so beautifully. A different part of the brain functions better than mine. I admire them for their talents and I know they will rock at IM Wisconsin.

I don't think at their level. Maybe it's a male thing. Do us males have a certain confidence and cockiness that makes us ignore what lies ahead. Perhaps it's stubborness that permits us to push forward beyond our limits.

I just had to ramble a little today. It's not as exciting at Sara and Wil but it's what I got.

Game On Everyone.


TriSaraTops said...

Hey!! I ALWAYS look forward to your posts. We've all got different ways of expressing ourselves and our tri journeys and I really appreciate all of your insight, recipes, and reflections! Just wanted ya to know that. :) I am flattered at the compliments.

qcmier said...

I feel for you about the awful travel days. I don't miss them.

As for the thinking, I think a lot, I just don't express it quite like other folks. And yeah it probably is a hormone thing too.