Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Playing the numbers game......

Here are my numbers from my most recent workouts.......

4000 - number of yards swam during lunch
65 - number of minutes to swim said yardage
200 - lengths in a 20 yard pool to reach 4000 yards

92 - miles on the bike
5 - hours to complete said ride
3 - fellow club members to share the ride with
7 - miles run after the bike ride
1 - hours to complete that run
2 - slices of pizza eaten after workout
6 - friends to share the pizza with after the workout, especially when you expected to be the last person in the parking lot.
4 - Time in the afternoon I finally made it back home having left at 7:00AM

16 - miles run
10 - hills encountered
142 - minutes to complete run
4 - fuel belt bottles consumed
1 - great friend to share the run with, TriAl

54 - miles on the bike
3 - hours to complete said bike ride
2 - bottles of Gatorade and Carbo-Pro consumed
6 - Amish buggies seen
1 - Amish buggie passed
1 - Pickle Farm sign
2 - counties traveled in

adding everything up for deposit in the Ironman bank.....priceless

Bold, no receipt necessary.....the feeling in my muscles tells it all.


Bolder said...

receipt acknowledged.

thank you for banking with Ironman.

have a nice day.

DaisyDuc said...

Pickle farm & Amish buggies....were the counties Portage & Geauga??

Some good looking numbers there!!!! The bank must be getting heavy!

qcmier said...

Was it ten hills? Or maybe it was just one really loooonnnggg hill.

Lana said...

Wow. I am in awe.

You are going to OWN Bank Ironman.