Friday, February 10, 2006

Fair is Fair

My wife has always told me to be fair with my e-mails. The women in my office are the minority and she feels bad for them, so she forwards me pictures that would be best appreciated by the ladies. With Bolders recent rash of hottie pictures I figured it would only be fair to post something for the ladies out there. They may not be tri hunkies but I hope it evens the playing field.

Now I may not be the ubersexual that Bolder is, but I have no problem posting this picture.

How about a recap of this weeks training, I haven't talk about triathlon all week.

Monday morning at the Y was 3000 yards straight at a good pace. Coming off some downtime I felt great holding a 1:40/100 yard pace. My fastest 1000 was 16:30.

Monday night I had a good lift session at the Y. I had to skip the lunges because my ankle was bothering me. After my lift I had a scheduled massage with the mistress of pain, Diane. She truly makes it hurt so good. My muscles really need to work she gives them. Turns out the ankle was tender from a tight muscle that runs up my calf. Go figure.

Tuesday was another swim session (3100 yards) and bike drills in the evening (8x1:00 single leg).

Wednesday was an off day due to committments and the perfect storm. So no lifting session that evening.

Thursday morning I skipped my swim because the stress from the prior days was workout enough. By the evening I was doing better and hit the treadmill for an interval workout (3x5:00 around marathon pace, 7:15s). I felt great coming off the treadmill. It's not the typical hard speed workout I was used to last year with my 10k training. This was the long haul endurance workout needed for a marathon or IM.

Friday is rest day. So here we are entering the weekend with a 2 hour run on Saturday and a Sunday Brick (2 hour ride/40 minute run).

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.


Shelley said...

Oh yeah...thanks for that super nice picures!!

Keryn said...

Nice pics...

Good job on the workouts.

TriSaraTops said...

Ha ha!!! Those are awesome! Great job on the swim--have good workouts this weekend!

BuckeyeRunner said...

NICE pics!

Hope your workouts went well - did you do your runs outside? It is cold!! My 9er is tomorrow - I'm shivering already.

Bolder said...

me eyes! must.shut.down.browser.

hey!! i'm calling a foul. i just posted a muscular picture of michael phelps.

and, a picture of all the dudes in U2.

it's not my fault only famous female triathletes read my blog and send me pictures... if Faris Al Sultan did the same, I'd do the same!

Flo said...

Great workout!!! Nice pic. Do those guys hire out??? My car is really dirty and hubby is at the ProBowl :)

Curly Su said...

awesome picture. i'll have to blow that up and put in on my ceiling...

(just kidding, by the way...)

Flatman said...

Nice car, but how did it get all sudsy???

E-Speed said...

LOL. Awesome.

The Blue Man Group Vid today is great!

Happy V-Day!