Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Two for Tuesday #1

Bold has Who Knew Wednesday (WKW) and I'm doing Two for Tuesday. Little tidbits I'll share from all corners of the world.

HFP Racing:
Inside Triathlon has posted an awesome article on their website featuring HFP Racing. HFP is the premier race management team in Ohio and surrounding states. They had several races featured in the Inside Tri race edition, including the Spirit of Racine HIM, MedExpress HIM, Desoto Triple-T. The management team not only knows triathlon but often race in their own events. I did their Wheelie Fun tri/du series and took 2nd in my age group. If you have the opportunity to participate in one of their events I would encourage you to do it. Scott Erdman is very active in the Cleveland Tri Club this year bringing equipment to help run the indoor tri races.

Winter Olympics:
I get Frazz in my e-mail every morning. This comic is a must read for all triathletes, cyclists, and those young at heart. Today and yesterday Frazz has summed up my feelings for the Winter Olympics.

I love the cross country skiing and biathlon. Those sports are about as close as we get to running, I like the speed skating also. Where else do you see these athletes putting everything on the line and collapsing after crossing the finish line. The ability to control your breathing and heart rate during the biathlon shooting is amazing. I do not discount the athletic ability of any other athlete at the Winter Olympics but I can truly relate with the nordic skiers.

So there is my Two for Tuesday.


TriSaraTops said...

I like TFT! :) Hope the hip is better.

qcmier said...

What are you doing next winter? Wanna get into speed skating?

E-Speed said...

Fatboy Slim! Suhweet!

Hopefully we both recover quickly from our ailments.

Injuries suck!

Cliff said...

Biathlon....that's one sport i won't mind trying in the future.. ;0

Bolder said...


great vid!!

now i have somethin' to do besides SGT with Tammy...

my Tuesdays are lookin' up.