Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Perfect Storm

So the perfect storm hit me last night as the trilogy came together; Family, Work, Training.

Family has been stressful as we deal with several issues that just puts that extra bit of pressure on a person.

Work is frustrating dealing with indecisive customers that leave you hanging trying to schedule your work.

Training was quickly breaking down the body as the intensity increases before tapering for the Shamrock Marathon.

I told IronWil the other day that I understood her wave theory as I felt like I was in the pipe of my own wave feeling the water on my back. Little did I know that this wave was being formed by the perfect storm and the triology would be surfing this wave down my back.

Aimee told me she was worried about me and the stress she saw. It's nice to have someone watching you for the warning signs. I told her I could feel it and wanted to talk about it later that night. After dinner, no TV, no laptop, no distractions.

I had taken my daughter to a counseling session where we each had time with her doctor and learned some things, at least I did. I had to take care of some business, and it had to be taken care of NOW.

After dinner, catfish nuggets (YUMMY), Aimee and I sat on the couch to talk. Aimee knew I had something to say. She knew I would eventually get it out. She knew to be patient with me.

Then the storm hit and the wave had me in it's current. All said and done I was scared. So much hit at the same time and it was out of control. I tried not to reveal it all, but I revealed everything. I wanted to be successful, but I was failing. The trilogy kept surfing me under the wave not letting me get a breath of air.

So what happens when the storm hits? You your love, you support the one you love. Aimee did all of those things. I am grateful to have not only a wife but an Ironmate.

In the middle of this storm I realized that my family is the most important part of my life. With work it is hard to control other people so you have to go with the flow. Training helps keep you physically fit with some psychological benefits.

What did I really need to be scared of? Loosing my family is really the only thing. This Ironman part of my life will conclude on July 23rd. I may or may not do another. But I do know that I am not afraid of Ironman. He better be afraid of me. I will not reveal myself to him. I will swim, bike and run below his radar. Then all of a sudden during the last 100 yards, Ironman will see me and admit defeat.

The ones I love are what really matter. Aimee is already made of Iron as she helps me with the IM journey. My daughter Amanda is trying to forge herself into the Iron person she will become and will have my love supporting her forever. My son Andrew is at college becoming an Iron man in his own right as he continues to learn and grow.

All I know is that with my family and friends supporting me during this IM trek, I will have nothing to be scared of. I welcome the support everyone will provide and will return it twice fold.

Sidenote: Blogger Donkey Sucks. I had "saved" this post as a draft and the Blogger Donkey decided to not save the text. So I had to remember as much of the original as I could. I think the first version was better.

Have a good one people. And if you run into that perfect storm yourself, put up a flare because there are many of us that will toss out a line to help.


TriSaraTops said...

Hey! This is an awesome post!!!! I hope everything is calming down...sounds like you have some stress. You are lucky to have Aimee and your kids to be there, and they are lucky to have you there, too!

Watch out, IM Lake Placid....:)

qcmier said...

Maybe I should put some REO Speedwagon on for you. Keep ridin' the storm out.

rob reddy said...


Family and work can be really tough even in the best of situations - I know as I have been there also - the IM training things adds a whole new level of complexity - you get tired, real tired, you have a lot mentally to deal with in terms of getting ready for that race - it amplifies the already difficult parts of our lives.

I wish I had an easy answer for you on this account - but I don't - take comfort in knowing others do go through this - it really would be easier to go through the IM journey without the challenges of kids and SO - but your life would be so much more empty also.

Hang tough and rely on your IM friends to help pull you through - you'll do the same for them

Keryn said...

What a wonderful woman you've got there. Getting it out helps a lot. My hubby has learned over the years how to listen and make me feel better just by being concerned.:)

BuckeyeRunner said...

Here's to riding out that perfect storm. You're right - family is the most important thing. The perfect storm of work, training, and family has been brewing over my house, too. It sounds like you have a great support system at home which is definitely going to sustain you come IM time. Thanks for the great post.