Thursday, February 16, 2006

Hotel Surprise

I had an overnight trip for work and was worried about my workouts. I was supposed to lift Wednesday night but opted to do that work Thursday morning. I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do but as I passed the exercise room I noticed some free weights. A set of dumbbells for me to use. Things were falling in place. So I got up early this morning and did my psuedo lisft session with much success. After I drove home I did a 1 hour ride with some cool variety:
15 minute warm-up
1:30 in aero with big gears/low RPM
1:30 standing with big gears/low RPM
1:30 high spin cadence, I was aove 100 RPM
1:30 easy recovery spin
This was repeated six times
Finish the hour.

It was definitely a good ride.

I had a couple people ask about my swimming and such. I am going to wait on that topic until Sunday afternoon. Sunday morning my coach is having a swim clinic for her athletes, she also had some open slots. This 2 hour session will be all about form, technique and drills. Really looking forward to it, so I will post an update about what she sees.

Rest day tomorrow. Aaaaahhhhhhhh..............


TriSaraTops said...

Hey! I'm going to that clinic, too! See ya then! :)

rob reddy said...


If you are looking to get a bit of swim parctice in Sunday - I'm going to swim for about the last 45 minutes - told Angela I would help her on deck for the first hour or so

see ya then