Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Hibernate like a bear

That's what I feel like I should be doing. Hibernating. The new HR zones are taking their toll on my body. I also did a hilly two hour run on Sunday that broke down my body pretty good. I need to stock up on sleep, but home and work are keeping me up.

Coach told me to take it easy, recovery week, so the body could absorb the intense training. No problem there. Monday evening lift was with lighter weights and no legs at all.

Tuesday morning swim went like this:

Up at 5:00, pool by 6:15. Warm up felt fine. Actually had a talk with the pool.
Eric: So where has everyone been?
Pool: Don't know. They don't line up like they used to. Haven't seen Sidestroke Jim in a long time.
E: I know what you mean. I've had the pool to myself alot lately.
P: I haven't seen TriSaraTops in a while.
E: She has been sick lately, Dr. told her to rest and get over a bronchial pneumonia bug.
P: Ouch. That must hurt. I know she has been training hard lately. She has a nice flip turn.
E: Sure does. Despite the will to train she has been listening to her blog friends and is taking it easy.
P: That's good. I'll be here for her when she is ready to come back. Not like I'm going anywhere.
P: Shouldn't you get started with your main sets?
E: Yup, chat in a bit.

I had 4 sets of 300, 200, 100 to get done. Last time I did this I had a great swim.

I was struggling this time. Bad form, no concentration, slow times, blah.

P: What are you doing?
E: Swimming.
P: Well you are not doing it very well. What's up?
E: I just don't have it today.
P: Well your 300 build got slower with each 100 and your negative 200 was actually a positive.
E: I know. The watch doesn't lie. Feeling a little tired. I'm going to stop, okay?
P: That's fine. I hate seeing you swim like that, kindof ugly. Get some rest then come back. You need a break. I don't want you ending up sick like Sara. I get bored just sitting here, and to tell you the truth, pool bobbers are boring. All they do is talk during class, oh but the things I could tell you about.........
E: I don't need to hear any of that. I'm out. See ya later.

So I just plain stopped. I wasn't going to waste my time with a poor workout. Mentally had to get away from it.

So I may have to hibernate for a little while. Lay off the computer while at home and get horizontal. My body is definitely talking to me as well.

So is my bed.....I hear it calling now.......but I'm at work........oh sweet slumber.....ZZZZZZZZZZZ


TriSaraTops said...

ha ha ha!!! Glad I'm not the only one who talks to the pool. Thanks for telling him I'll be back soon. Please tell him it's not his fault. :)

Thanks for the running info, too--so used to training to run a marathon FAST, so it's interesting to learn how to train to run a marathon SLOW.

Bolder said...

Hey Eric!

Thanks for the generous comment... that's the good news... the bad news, is that you've been trapped in my blogroll, and now you'll have semi-regular visits from me which usually results in these pithy, insightful, and appreciatives comments, that are generally longer than what you posted.

Like the discussion you are having with your pool... makes me feel better about the ongoing discussions I have with that bitch Tanita... 'course as you know, the pool shows me little lurve as well.

Keep on TRI'ing though, look forward to celebrating your success with you at IM USA!

Take care, Bolder!

qcmier said...

My pool may be bigger than yours, but your pool is definitely more talkative than mine.