Sunday, February 12, 2006

Winter Weekend Wonderland

Before I recap my weekend, I want to clarify that Yes, Bolder is an equal opportunity blogger. His pictures of a buff Michael Phelps and U2 (one of my wifes fav groups) were on his blog along with the previously mentioned hotties. I was by no means dissin' one of my favorite bloggers. Peace and love to my ubersexual triathlete friend.

Friday was a nice rest day to set me up for two long training sessions. Saturday I had a double run on the calendar. The morning session was 2 hours of flat to rolling terrain. Aimee and I started at Station Road in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. This is my favorite starting point for the valley because I always hit my ulitmate favorite Old Carriage Trail. After my first 50 minutes in Zone 2 I needed to pick up my pace to Zone 3 for 10 minutes then back into Zone 2 for 50 minutes, finish in Zone 3 for the final 10 minutes. The workout was perfect, except my HR monitor wants to record my HR at 240 for the first 10 minutes of my run, frustrating.

Regardless the run was awesome 12.8 miles on the best trail in the valley.

Coach follows the philosophy the runs over 2 hours break the body down too much. So she sets me up with a 30 minute run in the evening. This was a zone 2 run which I managed to to negative split by 30 seconds. 4 miles at a 7:30 split. I was on fire.

Pretty much went to bed watching the Olympics. Had to wait for some good skating to come on, 5000 meter speed skating. Those guys go fast. 5k in 6:14.
Chad Hedrick is amazing and it will be exciting to watch him skate 4 more events in the next two weeks.

Sunday morning I had a brick workout. 2 hours on the bike with 4 x 10 pushes in a big gear. After the ride, a 40 minute Zone 2 run with the final 10 minutes in Zone 3. Another perfect workout with me hitting almost everything on the mark.

So tired and sore legs to deal with but hopefully I can get a quick massage in on Tuesday. On a side note, the weather in Cleveland was low 20's all weekend. Had some snow to run in sunday morning. Thing is I love running outdoors. This cold weather is making me stronger and ready for anything once spring comes around.

I hope everyone elses weekend was a good one.


TriSaraTops said...

Great job on the workouts! I totally ran outside today. :) It was AWESOME. No treadmill for me....hee hee. Feel great, so now I just need to rehydrate and take it easy! :)

qcmier said...
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qcmier said...

Good job on the run. Wish I could have joined you on the Carriage Trail.

By the way, my Timex HR monitor does the same thing - displays a HR of 240. Truly annoying.

BuckeyeRunner said...

Great workouts!!

I have been watching the Olympics, too - isn't Hedrick amazing? And to think he was really an inline skater who made the switch over a few years ago! Awesome.