Sunday, February 05, 2006

You have to laugh at the stupid stuff

Without a good sense of humor we run the risk of driving yourself nuts. Case in point: Aimee and I were at the store buying wings for the Superbowl Game. I gave her two options regarding flavors and she couldn't decide. At the time it was frustrating. I was getting a little irritated. Then we walked no more than 10 feet down the aisle and found a better deal and better flavors. How stupid was I getting POed just 10 seconds ago.

It's just one of those times when you look back and realize that a silly little thing like chicken wing flavors just isn't worth getting your underwear in a bunch over.

Remember to not sweat the small sh$t.

So I managed to get a good amount of rest in the past several days. I took full rest days on Wednesday and Friday. I also did an easy spin on Thursday, very easy, not even in one of my training zones.

My coach switched my long run to Saturday and brick to Sunday for the weekend. She wants me running on fresher legs until the Shamrock Marathon. The long run was 1:45 in some rainy weather. Nice 12.6 mile route.

Saturday to Sunday the weather in Cleveland got colder and the snow started to come down. My brick turned into a long trainer ride, 1:45, since I didn't want to run in the sloppy slush. I rented American Flyers since it was fresh on my mind from Buckeye Runner. I had never seen this movie and it made for a great ride.


BuckeyeRunner said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog - glad you enjoyed AF!

qcmier said...

I thought Sunday was a nice day for a run. Warm enough so that there was no ice and you could run through some soft powdery snow too. It was almost shorts weather!!

Dante said...

You're a stronger man than me training in the snow/ice/cold that I don't experience, and can manage to stay motivated through it during winter. Best of luck with your training.

Bolder said...


you never watched AF?

Did you miss Breaking Away too??

TriSaraTops said...

I've never seen it either! Looks like I need to go to the video store....

Good to see ya this morning!

Wings are good...combos are better. :)

Dante said...

I'm also using the new Mizuno Inspires, so far feel like a pretty good shoe, and have a lot more cushioning than my usual Asics 2110s, at $190 I guess they'd wanna be good!

In complete contrast to your snow, we've been suffering a heatwave, many days over 42C which have knocked the training around a bit. Not sure I'd take snow in it's place though, kudos to you again for getting out there!

I guess with my plan of 2006 being my 1/2IM year, where if I perform well enough, will lead to an invitation to IM OZ in 2007, it's good to read yours and other blogs about your training regime and how you handle what seems to me to be a major time management issue as much as anything else. Hope you don't mind if I steal some of your sessions during the coming year! =)