Friday, January 06, 2006 day

Yup, it's a rest day today. No workout, no sweaty clothes, no getting man I do have to get up early. Every other Thursday my high school daughter (from first marriage) spends the night. So that means I still have to get up around 5:00AM to get ready and leave the house by 6:30AM and get her to school. It's a nice thought and I get to sleep in once in a while.

Time to ramble:

I was sharing my triathlon story, especially Ironman, with a business friend today and I couldn't help but see the look of disbelief on his face as I described the amount of training I put in, distance, time, money, etc. It wasn't a cocky "why are you doing it" disbelief, but a WOW I can't believe you are doing this, "it's so cool".

I shared with him a short story from two summers back. I just got back from a long ride, 40-50 miles, a neighbor was walking by and asked me how far I went. His comment, "You are a better man than I". That really made me think, am I? Of course not. Maybe when it comes to riding a bike for 50 miles, but not in other areas. He built his own deck on his house, I wouldn't even think of doing that. He earned his pilots license, I don't want to do that. In some ways he is "a better man than I".

The look from my business friend gave me the same feeling, did he think I was better than him because of what I like to do. I know he is a better golfer than I, but we are still basically the same human being, just with different interests.

Okay so what's my point. Point is that we all have different passions. Flying, cooking, triathlon, web design, music, etc, you get my drift. Everyone is so different in their interests and passions it sometimes blows my mind.

My triathlon life over the past four years has changed me so much. Triathlon has become a part of me, it's what I do. I enjoy it immensely. I'm in the best shape of my life. I have friends to share the trip with. But, recently I have noticed that triathlon has helped me open up my mind to different thought processes. Viewing the world in a different way. It's a good thing. Let me know if I'm off my rocker or not.

Look for more misc. ramblings to come. Maybe Friday is a good day to ramble since it's a rest day, obviously not for my mind.

Have a great weekend.

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