Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Empty Pools and Tables are Cool

First a flashback.....wo wo wo wo wo wo (think Waynes World)........

Monday turned out to be a pretty good training day. Swim in the morning for 2500 yards at an easy pace. When I got home to write down my splits they kept getting faster for each 500. I used the time to work on my stroke. Longer reaches, more gliding. I think I am becoming more efficient, imagine that.

Before dinner I was back at the Y for weight training and a core class. Typically the core class isn't that busy. This time was a different story. All of the stability balls were taken, alot of first timers. I was fine with that an did all of my work on the floor. It was a nice change from using an under-inflated ball. After class I finished my weight training.

Jump back to Tuesday morning. Back to the Y for my morning swim. Three trips to the Y in 24 hours, actually that is typical. I arrive late to swim on purpose, it's not as crowded. I try to start between 6:15 - 6:25, open swim ends at 7:45.

Well I walk into the lobby, where you can see the pool, and the only swimmer is getting out of the pool. THE ONLY SWIMMER. As in no one else was in the pool, just Dave the lifeguard in his chair. So I put my stuff in my locker and head up to the pool.

Dave is almost asleep in his chair. Not a ripple to be seen on the smooth pool surface. I get right to my workout. Unfortunately I only have the pool to myself for about 10 minutes. Not too bad. I have a "lane" all to myself. I say "lane" because they don't use actual lane lines, I'm right on top of a stripe though.

My workout has me feeling strong. Then more people come into the pool. I have a walrus(a rather large man) on one side and a sea otter(older man happily doing a semi-backstroke) on the other. Not too sound mean but I'm just being descriptive. I'm happy that they are in the pool for some exercise.

I'm really getting into my intervals now. 400 easy/hard, 400 build, 400 negative split, 400 race pace. I'm flying at the end despite the yardage and have 6 minutes for my final 400 at race pace. Awesome.

After my workout I putz around with my blog to get some tables to display correctly. Check out my race schedule in the sidebar. I have to do a shout out to Dan for helping me out. I got the table from Wil but missed some code. Thanks Dan.

Check ya out later.


TriSaraTops said...

Otters and sea lions...love it! :) So jealous I couldn't swim in such an empty pool...dang cough...hopefully I'll be there Thursday! Hey, can I steal the code for your sweet charts? I've been trying to figure that out!

Curly Su said...

cool race schedule! i'm doing the hinkley duathlon too...good training for the wildflower hills!