Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Treadmills are Fun

Of course that is what I have to tell myself when I am subjected to running indoors on one. However, treadmills are an important piece of training equipment. This evening I had to run one hour doing 8 x 3 minute repeats at marathon pace. So a treadmill makes sure you are at that pace. Also having a workout like that helps the time go by instead of a straight run.

Now I do my treadmill runs at the Y. And there is always plenty of people to watch. Not like people watching at a bar but still a wide variety of people to watch come in and out and start/end their workouts.

The TVs in front of the mice on treadmills were showing evening news programs and everyone was talking about the 12 miners in West Virginia that were accidentally reported alive. How terrible that must have been. Not only for the family and relatives of the miners but also the miners themselves. To be trapped so deep in the earth knowing that you may not make it out. Simply horrifying.


Jennifer P said...

I was quite relieved when I read the rest of your post and you said that treadmills really aren't fun. I run outside and it's hard to do speed work on ice!

The mining tradegy is horrible. I felt sick when I read that the wrong information was given to the families. I can't imagine what the 1 survivor must be feeling.

Welcome to the world of blogging!

Oldman said...

I hate dreadmills! last nite before my upper body workout at the fitness center I had to run on a dreadmill for 2 miles just enough to remind me I hate dreadmills.