Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Hurts so good

When most people think of a massage they think of a nice relaxing rub down. Very soothing. But for athletes a good sports massage is just like any other workout. Last night was my massage with Diane. She does such a good job that she has me wincing in pain trying to breath through the attention she gives my tight muscles.

If you haven't started getting massages on a regular basis please find a good massage therapist, one who understands the requirements of athletes. Diane is a triathlete herself and has many athletes as clients. The massage helps flush toxins from the muscles by promoting the flow of blood into the area.

Make sure you are stretching also. I still haven't learned the value of stretching enough. I have to get on my butt and lengthen those muscles.

Gotta run..............


Flatman said...

Sounds like fun!!!

Oldman said...

the only prob I have witha massage is the price $100 in our area.