Thursday, January 05, 2006

Too much information driving me insane

One of my favorite Police songs is Too Much Information. Sometimes you have so much going through your mind that you just don't know where to start. I feel that way as I try to decide what to talk about today. Quite a few interesting spottings and just general thoughts today that I will eventually share down the road.

Did a swim workout this morning. Now I swim at the Y and it's a lovely 20 yard pool with no lane lines. Everyone likes to swim in the morning and it can get crowded, similar to a triathlon swim start. The early crew would keep arriving earlier and earlier to make sure they get a spot in the pool. So I've started going just a little bit later. Today I had the pool all to myself for the last half of my workout, approx. 30 minutes by myself. What a productive workout.

I'm figuring out how to add links and photos and other cool stuff to the blog so look out. It will take time but I'll even get a cool header line Flatman.

Time to go to bed, rest day tomorrow then big on the weekend.

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Flatman said...

How far are you swimming right now?