Wednesday, January 11, 2006

That's more like it

So yesterday I was a mental waste land. But I managed to kick my own butt and get into the correct frame of mind. It worked today. My time spent at my customer was quite productive today. I went to the Y for core class and weight lifting after work and it felt good as well.

Starting to get back on track after a slight uncoupling from the IronTrain.

After finding Iron Wil on the web, a specific posting of hers has stuck with me, "I Think". I went as far as printing the post and I keep it in my IM binder for reference. How she relates life to her IM journey is remarkable. I have been making similar links as well. How hard is my workout today, how tough will it be to support my coworker loosing her husband. How boring will work be today, how lonely will that two hour run be Sunday morning.

So I'm a little confused right now. Do my everyday tasks help me endure my IM training or does my IM journey help me deal with my daily events. At this point in my life everything complements each other. Each fills an important part of my daily, weekly, monthly routine.

Oh but how sweet the feeling will be to cross that IM finish line. Nothing will stop us now.


TriSaraTops said...

Great post! :) Hope your swim went well today...I had to bag it because I don't feel well. Hopefully I'll be back at it tomorrow (or maybe tonight).

qcmier said...

Great thoughts. I hope I can strike the proper balance in my life.

Wil said...

Very much appreciate the thoughtful words :) 'I think' that everyday tasks do help us endure IM, and IM training helps us deal with our daily lives. That's what's so great about it - we show up, do the job, and we win all around. If only everything could be so simple, eh?