Saturday, January 28, 2006

Toys make the training worth while

I have to share some of my new toys with everyone. The Creative Labs Zen Micro is a replacement for my Dell Jukebox that was stolen. This thing is so small and lightweight and holds 6GB of MP3. I've even downloaded Get Your Geek On from the Tri-Geek Kahuna and IronWil.

My new heart rate monitor is an early birthday present from my wife and her mom. I've always liked Timex products and this watch is very cool.

The feature/function is not going to let me down.

Had a long brick today, 2.5 hours in the saddle and a 30 minute run. I was originally worried about the ride with the new HR zones I have. Last time I needed to be in this zone it was hard to hold for 1 hour. However, I felt great this morning and the ride went well. The weather in Cleveland has been very mild and if I only had time to get things ready I would have ridden outside this morning. But work kept me busy on Friday and the morning was still a litle too cool for riding outside. My 30 minute run afterwards was great since I could wear shorts.

Now I only hope the rain isn't too bad for my long run Sunday morning, 2 hours. As long as I don't wind up sick like TriSaraTops.


Joseph Vinciquerra said...

Nice workout! And even nicer toys!

Flatman said...

Sweet new toys...congratulations! How do you like the new mp3 player??? A review???

TriSaraTops said...

Awesome toys--I LOVE my timex HR monitor!!! Yours looks pretty cool! :) Happy early birthday by the way...hey, I'm feeling much better and my goal is to be at the pool Friday morning! Woo hoo! Hope your run went well--gotta love this weather!